8 Best Discord Alternatives for PC, Mac, Android & iOS (2022)

discord alternatives

Discord is the top of the line VoIP app for communicating with your teammates while in-game and also comes very handy if you just want to chat with your friend, even video chat features have been recently implemented into it. VoIP services have existed alongside the internet to provide us with better and convenient ways … Read more

10(+1) of the Best GBA Emulators for Windows

As you may know, to play your favorite Gameboy Advance game on your device, you will need a ROM file and a suitable emulator to run the game on. Here we are going to discuss the best GBA emulators for PC and Mac. If you want to know how and where to get ROMs, you … Read more

6 Useful Browser Plugins for Gamers

As we all know extensions (or plugins or addons) can improve your browsing experience significantly by providing you more control over your browser and giving you ton of additional options and features. There are also a few browser plugins for gamers which can help you by providing various stats, deals, info & much more. Here … Read more

10 Free apps to install after building a new gaming PC

If you have you just finished building your new PC or just got a fresh copy of windows installed. You need to checkout these free applications for windows¬† which will improve you overall experience with your computer. These apps are not only for gaming PC’s but can also be used by other people as well. … Read more