About Us

What is Tuxinit?

A small blog focusing on Linux and Opensource Software. We post articles, tutorials, news and other misc. stuff regarding Linux and FOSS projects.

Little bit about me and Linux

I (yelopanda) started the website after experiencing Linux for a while and feeling the urge to write about it and telling people that there is a choice when it comes to operating systems.

My first ‘proper‘ Linux install was Linux Mint on a USB Stick. I used it for a couple of months, switching between Windows and Linux Mint as most of my stuff was still on my main HDD (Windows 10). I only accessed Windows 10 if I really needed it, you can say that Mint on a USB was my main OS during this time.

Finally in June, 2019, I decided to buy an SSD and install Linux onto it. The Distribution that I choose was Manjaro Linux, and it remained my main distribution for at least a couple of years. After this, I switched to Arch Linux and now it is my go-to Linux distribution.

I have hopped back and forth between multiple DE’s(Desktop Environment), KDE and XFCE4 are the ones that I really like.

On servers, I mainly use CentOS and Debian. CentOS for web servers and Debian mainly for game servers and other miscellaneous hosting stuff.