About Us

What is Tuxinit?

A small blog focusing on Linux and Opensource Software. We post articles, tutorials, news and other misc. stuff regarding Linux and FOSS projects.

Little bit about me and Linux

I (yelopanda) started the website after experiencing Linux for a while and feeling the urge to write about it and telling people that there is a choice when it comes to operating systems.

My first ‘proper‘ Linux install was Linux Mint on a USB Stick. I used it for a couple of months, switching between Windows and Linux Mint as most of my stuff was still on my main HDD (Windows 10). I only accessed Windows 10 if I really needed it, you can say that Mint on a USB was my main OS during this time.

Finally in June, 2019, I decided to buy an SSD and install Linux onto it. The Distribution that I choose was Manjaro Linux. Since then It has stayed my main Distribution and will be (I Think).

I have tried countess Linux distributions but I always come back to Manjaro. I really like the easy to use drivers settings and the package management services that it provides (pacman & pamac). The updates are also quick and it feels snappy.

I have also tried Arch Linux (Manjaro is based on Arch Linux), but I like Manjaro more. The simplicity is great, it is stable and easy to use (this fact hasn’t stopped me from installing arch, the installation process is so beckoning that it keeps pulling me back).

On servers, I mainly use CentOS and Debian. CentOS for web servers and Debian mainly for game servers and other miscellaneous hosting stuff.